1. Esqua- mother goddess, goddess of matter
  2. Saveran- goddess of life
  3. Terrasiana- goddess of land
  4. Aquanos- god of water
  5. Pyroticus- god of fire
  6. Photana- goddess of llight
  7. Aeroso- god of air and weather
  8. Grymvrell- god of death, judgement, and punishment
  9. Sapientiae- goddess of wisdom


  1. Negatious- god of electrons
  2. Protona- god of protons
  3. Neutrosia- goddess of neutrons
  4. Observios- god of watchers and searchers; discovered Earth
  5. Modumitus- god of math and measurements
  6. Motusius- god of movement
  7. Consilium- god of design and the arts
  8. Infansio- god of off-spring
  9. Veteris- widdowed man who lived to be 743 years-old. Had two twins; was first human to be made a god. He is the god of hardships
  10. Pahjae- god of forger
  11. Tenebris- god of darkness
  12. Polemos- god of war; summoned Terrasiana to break apart single continent to separate the fighting peoples.


1.The First Star- first matter to exist (besides physical form of Esqua); gigantic star- 500 billion times that of the sun

2.Great Black Hole- largest black hole ever in existence; formed when the First Star collapsed into itself; center of the True Galaxy; does not affect gods/souls

3. True Galaxy- home of the gods; created when the physical form of Esqua was blasted from the Great Black Hole.

4. 500- the divine number

5. coelum- in Real Mythology, the after life of mortal souls

6. Glimmering Gates- giant gates that separate the palaces of the gods from the rest of the True Galaxy

7. Vine of Mortals- surrounding Saveran's palace, a pedigree of all the mortals. Each individual is shown by their own orb, containing their soul residue. Darkness drips into one's orb when they sin, and continues to do so until black. Light drips into an orb when one has done well.

8. soul residue- a piece of a mortal's soul; representing a mortal soul's deeds - good or bad-

9. The Basement- Grymvrell's basement; where a mortal of evil is tortured for 500 years and is then given an appeal to get into coelum. This is an unending cycle.

10. Tree of Rebus- Center of the marketplace of the gods, run by Negotiumus, god of business

11. Tree of Ostium- made from the teas of joy as Saveran saw the first human, this tree allows one who eats it to bring one soul back from death.

12. Ritual of the Leaf- ancient sacred ritual in which a newborn baby was to eat a Mystic Leaf from the Tree of Ostium, which granted them the ability to revive one soul from death.