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Nil- God of nothing, son of no one. He was killed by Proht using Something.

Proht- God of the beginning, son of Nil. He killed Nil using Something. He triggered the creation of the universe, then created four gods to rule over it, and finally went into hibernation for many many years.

Salv- God of matter, son of Proht. He created planets and more.

Ohn- God of evil, son of Proht. He created stars and more.

Kron- God of time, son of Proht.

Vish- Goddess of space, daughter of Proht. She lives in the center of the universe.

Falir- Pushes the universe East and West, and son of Salv. He split into Khora and Falla.

Selos- Pushes the universe North and South, and son of Ohn. He split into Silla and Saylo.

Daton- Pushes the universe Up and Down, and son of Kron. He split into Dintes and Lonet.

Cannu- Proportions the universe's matter, son of Vish. He split into Canri and Bleli.

Khora- God of the East, he pushes the universe eastwards. Son of Falir.

Falla- Goddess of the West, she pushes the universe westwards. Daughter of Falir.

Silla- Goddess of the North, she pushes the universe northwards. Daughter of Selos.

Sayllo- God of the South, he pushes the universe southwards. Son of Selos.

Dintes- God of the Up, he pushes the universe upwards. Son of Daton.

Lonet- Goddess of the Down, she pushes the universe downwards. Daughter of Daton.

Canri- God of Red Shift, he creates red shift. Son of Cannu.

Bleli- Goddess of Blue Shift, she creates blue shift. Daughter of Cannu.

Orbum- God of the planets, and son of Salv.

Kraitra- Goddess of dark matter, daughter of Ohn.

Bellael- God of balance, son of Vish.

Pretaens- God of imprisonment and banishment, son of Bellael.

Ragniel- God of anger and son of Ohn.

Blateim- God of hate and son of Ohm.

Catoren- Goddess of pain and daughter of Ohm.

Devlepa- Goddess of fear and daugher of Ohm.

Artifacts Edit

Tome- Ropes that bind Ohm.