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Welcome to RealMythology Wikia!Edit

Hey guys. I have always had an interest in mythology. Whether it is from reading a certain very popular book series or from just studying it, I have always found mythology extremely creative and interesting. I loved it so much, I even decided to create my own. AND I ASK ALL OF YOU TO DO THE SAME! :))

Basically, this is a hub for creative minds to write and read fellow Wikia user's mythologies/ supernatural stories. Go nuts. :)

Rules/Guidelines Edit

(This is a basic overview of the rules. The full rules and guidelins will be linked and in the "Links" section.)

  • Keep stories moderately clean- only words up to level of "damn" will be allowed
  • Do not change the story of anybody's mythology without special permission. However, you may edit others' stories for conventions and s
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  • Remember that anyone can monitor your activity on the wiki.
  • No plagiarism or blatantly copying another's work!
  • Be active in the chat and in the community
  • ...And enjoy yourself!

How should I set up a personal mythology page?

  1. Create a story page (or pages if you want to create a new one for each chapter)
  2. We recommend you make a glossary to help your readers understand your content, but this is NOT necessary.
  3. Use visuals to entice the audience. We strongly recommend at leat one picture per page.
  4. Do NOT link your story on the front page of Real Mythology Wikia. We will pick the best three (besides my personal one) to link in the "Links" section.
  5. Must be in English and be as well-written as possible.

*And regarding pictures and visual content, no inappropriate themes (nudity, drugs, etc.)

To - Do listEdit

- create 5+ alternate mythologies ASAP

   - find 2 more admins

  - have one ChatMod

 - add 2+ stories of a monster/supernatural being

- promote ourselves on other wikias and on Community Central

Latest activityEdit